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Vastu For South West facing House/Flat

When we open the door or the entrance of our house, we don’t just welcome the guests but also the Nature. When the sunlight and fresh wind enters to welcome a new day for us, it brings the positive energy with it. An entrance creates the first impression of a house and the “Southwest” is the most important direction as the ruling planet of this corner is “Rahu. Since Rahu governs luck, finance  and stability, the devil energy comes from this entry which brings struggles in a person’s life. Inhabitants may prosper during 3 to 4 years and then face a down fall. So in this article, we will discuss about the things that happen when you have an entrance in Southwest.

As per the Vastu guidelines, main door should always be placed in the auspicious zone and any opening of the house towards southwest brings a serious bad luck. . This direction is also known as “Nairutya” or “Nairuthi corner”. Basically, this direction defines the earth element which indicates heaviness. It is always better to avoid this kind of properties as having an opening in this direction will lead you to the expenditure that will be more than your earning. So if you are building a new house and by any chance, thinking about constructing the doorway of your house in Southwest then you should think twice for your own benefit.

Effects one face for having a Doorway in Southwest

This kind of entrance gives very negative impact on the residents as it leads them to the financial loss and misfortune. People with an entrance in this direction, usually face the financial stringency which cause them to take a heavy loan afterwards and like that, the amount of their debts only increase. They feel themselves incapable of earning or making more money in the near future and become a victim of abysmal poverty. Also; the negative flow from a Southwest doorway separates a person from the society he/she lives in as it puts attitude and a bad change in their behavior. Ominous entrance affects both personal & professional life of the residents; it creates unintentional fights between spouses and the other members of a family.


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