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Vastu for Pooja Room

One of the greatest creations of God is “Human”. We worship God everyday to be thankful for this life and to get their blessings. For this reason, we create a Pooja room in our home and a place the Mandir there. Vastu  for Pooja room is the only place where we charge our body and soul with divine energy & positive vibrations every morning as it energize the environment, motivate our work efficiency and increase the abundance and peace at home. It says that lighting lamps with Ghee, Till or Mustard in the pooja room brings the prosperity earlier at home. So we light the lamps, candles and chant mantras both in morning in evening (for Arti) to create a harmonious atmosphere inside the house.

This room should be designed carefully as per the Vastu principles, because you should never get disturbed while doing meditation as you receive positive energy and create a connection with the universe during that. In this Article, we will let you know about the Do’s and Don’ts for the prayer zone.

Now, there are some certain rules and regulations which one must follow before the construction of designing a Pooja room :-

  • A Pooja room should always be located in the Northeast, North-North-East, East-North-East or West direction of the house. Though, Northeast zone is the ideal location for this.
  • While worshiping, one should face towards the North / East.
  • If you wish to keep God statues instead of pictures, (most of the people keep pictures instead of statues) then it shouldn’t be more than 7 inch and less than 2 inch.
  • One should never create a Pooja room in the Bedroom or on a wall that is attached to the Bathroom wall. It can bring bad luck and a strong flow of negative energy.
  • According to the Pooja room vastu, a person should never enter the pooja room without washing his/her hands. One has to cleanse their feet but not by rubbing them against each other because it’s prohibited. Instead, he/she has to wash them with hands.
  • The pooja room should have doors and windows to the North or East zone and the Agnikund should be in the Southeast.
  • People often make a mistake by placing a Dustbin inside the Pooja room and that cause a blockage between your connection with the divine energy.
  • One should never build a Pooja room under the beam.
  • Ideally; there should not be two same idols in the worship room, especially when it comes to Lord Ganesha. If you wish to keep any idol in the Pooja room, then you must keep only one.

I have made an image, which reveals to you the best location for a pooja room in a home as per vastu shastra.

vastu for puja room

Best colours for pooja room

Usually, we see that most of the people apply the ‘Red” color whenever they decorate the Pooja room whether it’s the curtains or carpet, or the clothings. Red represents Vibrancy, boldness and power. Northeast is a peaceful direction, it gives you an inner peace both to your eternal and external health. But when you apply the red color in that direction, you add the fire in that peace and as a result, your focus or concentration during pooja gets disturbed. You cannot get that pure innermost feeling you desire at that moment.

To prevent these issues and bring a strong harmony, you should apply Sky Blue, White, Cream and Pista Green color in the Northeast direction of the prayer room. For the West zone; you can apply Yellow, Golden, White, Silver and Cream color.

vastu for puja room

Recommended design for a Pooja room

According to Vastu Shastra, Pooja room should always harness a multitude of energies through the Mandir design. Low celling for a Pooja room is favorable. A pyramid shaped or gopura like top will create tranquility in the atmosphere of worship room, it also enhances the concentration of a positive flow in the space. Even in smaller apartments, having a mandir with this pyramid structure at the top is possible. For designing, storage above any pooja idol is not recommendable at all. Storage should be situated towards the South-east direction of the pooja room. Putting these elements into the structure will be easier while building a house or a new mandir. If you have enough space, then a Two-door entry can also be considered for the design as it keeps the insects out of the sacred place. Also; Pooja idols should be away from the wall, so that the air can always flow around it. You can easily find beautifully curved wooden and marbled Mandirs in India.

vastu for puja room

The Best Level for a Pooja Room

In any home, the ground floor is the recommended place for the pooja room. According to pooja room Vastu it’s not advisable to design it in the basement or a higher floor of the house.

vastu for puja room
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