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Residential Vastu

The beauty of Vastu is that, It can fill the “craving for happiness” every human being in this world has. If the place where you are born or raised gets a pleasant and well balanced environment then it takes you to the highest form of self growth because Lifestyle & Health is strongly involved with a well-significant Residential Vastu layout. Designing and properly organizing living space generates a positive flow in the house, Its essence creates harmony and dynamic balance between your eternal and external space as well. According to Vastu attracts good luck, prosperity and blessings.

Consulting  – We Provide easy Solutions With Accurate Vastu Remedies, Without doing any kind of Structural Changes.

Vastu For Home

In this generation, living a joyful and satisfied life has become more difficult than climbing the Mount Everest especially with the limited amount of money you earn; the major or minor issues that people of young age face every day and then there’s “getting into a health issue” is already on the list. So many people don’t know or maybe they didn’t notice that all these things are somehow connected with the Vastu of your home, whether you believe it or not.

Maybe it’s connected with your doorway, with the shape of your home furnitures, with the colors of your room walls, with the placement of everything that your house holds within. So what Residential Vastu does here is; it converts all these “hard times” or “miseries” in a particular cosmic energy that creates a rhythm, and balance in the atmosphere around you and moves all the blockages out of the way.

Important points to be considered for Residential Vastu :-

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures for Residential Vastu:-

  • Location of the Main Entrance :– The vastu of an auspicious Entrance brings success, more prosperity and, also enhances good luck to the homeowner.
  • Location of the Puja Room :– True Puja Room location brings Peace, prosperity, Harmony and, also tranquility in the home.
  • Home Surrounding :– surroundings of the home like the environment outside affect the luck of ‘house owner”.
  • Location of the kitchen :– Correct location brings an abundance of wealth, health, and, also prosperity.
  • Location of the Toilets :– Health, wealth education, Relation, Opportunity etc. may suffer because of incorrect placement of Toilets.
  • The shape of the Flat/House :–Irregular shapes of a home or house
  • creates serious Vastu fault as it brings negative energy.
  • Location of the Living Room, Family room, Master Bedroom, Kids Bedroom as well as the Guest room.
  • Colors for the Interior :– Go for a combination of vibrant, cool, harmonious and, also energetic colors.
  • The direction of Lower as well as  higher zone.
  • The internal arrangement of Each and every room.
  • Location of the staircase in case of an Independent home.
  • Garden & plantation. Plants are as important as other accessories in the space.
  • The shape of the furniture as well as types of material used in the furniture.
  • Paintings  & home decor. Artwork or paintings can do wonders for mental health and well being. Many artworks can be relaxing and distressing. Paintings and artwork serve the purpose of beauty and hence improves the home decor.
  • Missing Corner / Corner Cuts & Extended Corners.


Commertial Vastu Consultancy 

Our Residential Vastu Consultation Process

Vastu process starts with a proposal about the site.  Initial phone conversation or details via email   about the site to be consulted will help us to understand your requirement and enable us to quote the fees.

At stage two, we need a  floor plan with accurate direction, details on surrounding of the site, History of premises along with brief on your goals & priorities.

On-site evaluation & compass reading of your premises  will be conducted at a mutually agreed time &  day. These evaluations usually takes 1-2 hours.

We have developed various methods & tools to evaluate any  premises according to the vastu principals.  We use dowsing charts, bar charts, graphs & grading table.

A professional vastu  report prepared by our  highly qualified vastu expert  will be available after 3 days for online consultation & 7 days for personal consultations.

We provide a follow-up option which monitors the effectiveness of the vastu implementation. Free back up services for one year after consultation for the same premises.

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