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Factory Vastu

Industries should be such in a manner that the production can increase the level of profit. If the principles of the Vastu are followed, then it can lead to more sales without any problem with labour. Vastu of factory helps detecting problems at site by analyzing it thoroughly and correctly with invasive remedies. Factory Vastu ensures the successful running of a strong business with better monetary profits, it also roots the way for prosperity, security and peace. There are several things that have to be considered while setting the Vastu guidelines for industries or factories like the position of electronic gadgets, location of the staff kitchen, office room for administration and placement of raw materials to avoid all possible mishaps.

A Big shop feeds few people but a Factory supports large number of families. The main purpose of a factory is getting profits through Marketing. Usually a factory has heavy things, as well as raw materials apart from machinery and stocks. So these materials must be placed only either at West / Southwest or South. Compound wall / Guestroom are also important aspects to be looked into, according to Vastu. Front door or the main entrance has a great importance, so it has to be at the Zenith place. Certain things like cooking at Southeast, Sump at Ishan corner are not serve the purpose. Dimensions have to be observed before any kind of construction and an experienced vastu consultant is strictly required. Normally manufacturing units face several problems that has to be dealt with caution and care. Common reason behind these problems is market competition, labour problems, Tax problems; frequent changes of Government policies etc. one should not take a hasty decision before a proper observation or buying a site for constructing a factory, a simple vastu can change the atmosphere of the place. Also, vastu for factory determines every aspect to prevent the possible problems in the existing factories.

Important points to be considered while following factory Vastu

  • Location of the factory
  • Location of the Production Incharge
  • Lab department
  • Factory staff arrangement
  • Colors for interior & exterior of the factory
  • The direction of the AC, Coolers, Electrical gadgets etc
  • The direction of Pantry, Canteen
  • Placement of Toilets
  • Direction of windows
  • Location of the beams
  • Location of the basement
  • Placement of the stairs
  • Placement of the oven
  • Direction & placement of the water products.
  • Location of the guard room
  • Placement of the water tank
  • Direction & placement of the septic tank or the water disposal

Some Tips While Following

Factory Entrance

Always choose a factory in East , North or Northeast facing in order to make a long term profit.

Toilet and Sep-tick Tank

Toilets in the factory have to be constructed in the South-South-West or West-North-West portion whereas septic tank should be at South-South-West, West-North-West  or North-West

Bore-well and Under Ground

Bore-well and Under Ground Water Tank  must be placed in a light & clean area. Hence, North or North-North-east zone will be good for that.

Electronic Equipment's

Electronic equipment’s, generators, boilers etc should be placed in the South-east direction as it brings smooth functioning and prevents accident.

Workshops and Maintenance Work

South or Southwest area is favorable for workshops and maintenance work.

Finished Goods

For early profits, keep finished goods in North-west.

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