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Vastu Dosh Remedies for North East Toilet

Northeast is considered to be the place for the Gods/Mandir as it’s a powerful direction. It is also the division governed by Lord Shiva “The creator of Vastu Purush” so over all, this corner is regarded to be an extremely religious and holy place. Though some classical quotes of ancient times state that one can have a toilet in the North East direction, it is considered to be extremely inauspicious for that use. You can use it for the bathing purpose only, if you wish to keep one in that zone.

Building or constructing a Toilet in the Northeast causes several problems in a house. It brings a deep negative impact on the behaviors of a person, especially on the men members of the family. It puts the negativity in children’s education, health, accidents or other things. Then it comes to the financial factors such as instability in wealth flow. Members in the house get weak and unable in earning more for the family and face the scarcity of money so often, which slowly drags them into debts and losses. The suffering doesn’t stop there as it also brings a typical sense of sadness to be felt all over the house, so that feeling of happiness cannot bloom inside the people at home. Problems related to thinking, mind, brain disorders etc occur as a result of this placement of the toilet.

Any Vastu defect in Northeast direction or corner of a home indicates worries, disturbance in positive energies, troubles, issues in daily life, even misfortunes. In this article, we will reveal to you the defects that appear in most homes or apartments. There are multiple obstacles a Vastu defect in Northeast can offer us and to make it easier for you to overcome these obstacles, we want your full attention to the issues that can occur if you do the construction of a toilet in this direction.

Northeast Vastu Effects – One can go through incurable diseases like Paralysis, memory loss, Brain hemorrhage etc with a toilet here. Migraine pain, Accidents involving head injuries, depression or mental disorders, concerns related to blood and kidneys are also possible.

north east toilet vastu

Vastu Dosh Remedies for North East Toilet

This problem cannot be fixed without completely demolizing the toilet or changing the Zone of W.C. (commode) in your toilet. If you are unable to do these things, then leaving that house or apartment will be better for you and if that doesn’t work too, then you can live by placing an “ELIXER” in your Home/Flat. But before that, you should definitely consult about it from an expert Vastu consultant for a better choice.

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